A four year old critiques Emmy hair

Last night’s Emmy hair as seen through the eyes of Edie…

Edie ” this look is toot-tastic… I really like the back of her blonde head.”

Edie” I like her hair , lips and blush…. Do boys have eyelashes ?”

Edie”yuck… She looks like a cartoon character and her hair looks fat.”

Mommy” fat is not a nice word …”

Edie ” sorry… Her hair looks like it has to use the bathroom…am I in trouble?”


Edie ” looks like she didn’t have enough time to get ready!”

And there we have it?!?!

Let’s end on a positive note.. Edie’s top pick…Laverne Cox.

“Mommy, she looks like a golden goddess!”

I agree!

The girls are so serious in their review.


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