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Amanda Pokrzywa

What is your role at the salon?

Even though Travis told me I am Creative Director, I like to think of myself as more a Motivational Stylist. Other than behind the chair, I take a heavy role in the in-salon education. I feel like an educated stylist is a confident stylist. When I did more education for Framesi, I found that what most stylists needed was not skill, or ideas…it was the confidence that what they did was important. That they DID have the right idea. I think that it so important, that affirmation from someone else.
What sets Vannity apart?

The amount of education that each individual stylist has, not only in cosmetology, but in other fields, is very impressive. I think that Vannity has set itself up to be a teaching salon means that our clients receive the very best, motivated stylist that they can get. I like to say that Vannity is a salon that is upscale, but without the pretension.
Speciality or favorite part of your job?

Other than education, I love two things : the dramatic makeovers and razor cutting. I feel the dramatic makeover speaks for itself. It’s like watching grown adults get Christmas early. How happy they feel because they had their look refreshed. Confidence in a bottle.
I love the razor for several reasons. I love the way it cuts, adding texture and lightness to the hair, movement and airy-ness. I also love that for some people, it’s a completely new experience, and I think that’s what life is all about: new experiences.
Who are your beauty or fashion icons?

I think it’s easy to go with Marilyn Monroe or Briget Bardot here. I have always loved Big Hair (I AM from the South, you know). But I honestly look more toward London as a whole for my icons. The fashion through the years, the hair and makeup. I remember once being on the London Underground during morning commute, and EVERYONE, men and women, had the most amazing hair color and cuts. Looks that would turn a head here, were just common place there. They were headed to work. With highlighted faux-hawks and pink & yellow hair. I love London.
Where do you find inspiration?

From my environment, my clients, magazines, everything. One time, my coworker Nichole and I worked on a color to mimic a rose I had seen. I feel like it would be hard NOT to be inspired by everything around us. Interesting shapes and colors are everywhere!!
Most prized possession?

This is a hard one, since I feel like I don’t really *own* anything per say. If there was a fire or something, I would grab my dog, Chai, and my Significant Other, Kevin. Those are the two things I don’t want to live without.
Biggest fashion/ beauty triumph or fail?

I think my best beauty triumph would be either when I finally started taking care of my skin, or making that hard realization that clothes that fit/tailored will always be more fashionable than the latest IT item that is a little too small

Wait there’s more….

Amanda Pokrzywa is an accomplished stylist with over 10 years of experience. She is a certified Framesi Haircolor Educator, instructing stylists nationwide on cutting-edge techniques and styles, and has attended the Bumble and Bumble Academy in New York. Amanda seeks continuous learning worldwide on the latest trends and updates in the industry. From London to Prague, Amanda has gained extensive training including NYC for Liscio Thermal Straightening, Coppola Keratin Treatment Certification, and has attended the International Hair Show in England. Amanda strives to create an outstanding salon experience to help all her clients feel beautiful, inside and out.

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