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Framesi launches new product



Throw out the rules. One bottle is all you need. Our unique alternative to daily shampoo keeps your color 95% longer. For all hair types, gently cleans and conditions in one easy step, with no build-up. Preserves the natural oils and moisture balance of the hair while still gently cleansing, making this an excellent choice for textured, thick, coarse, dry, damaged or curly hair.

♦ Quinoa

( known as the “Mother Grain”, considered a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids )

♦ clinically proven to substantially improve hair color retention

♦ offers powerful hair protection & repair

♦ Sweet Almond Oil

♦ powerful stimulant that helps in strengthening hair and improving elasticity

♦ imparts shine and lubricity

♦ Natural vegetable conditioning agents

♦ lightweight moisturizers that improve wet and dry combing, reduce static to leave hair silky, shiny and more manageable


♦ Conditioning sulfate free cleansers


♦ gentle surfactants that effectively cleanse hair without stripping away natural oils

♦ maintain natural moisture balance

♦ Panthenol

♦ imparts long-lasting moisture retention effects on the hair, adding exceptional body and shine.

♦ Chromaveil

“ProtecTress of Your Color”

♦ protects hair color from fading and damage due to thermal and UVA/UVB exposure

♦ Grape Stem Cells from Italy

♦ rejuvenates hair stem cells by combating environmental and UV stress, promoting vitality and youthfulness of the hair.

♦ powerful anti-aging properties

♦ Superoxide Dismutase and UV Protectors

♦ prevent haircolor fading caused by the environment.

Stop in Vannity to experience

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