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Coming soon… A collaboration with Two Meatballs Get Fit!

Two Meatballs Get Fit

In case you don’t already know … let me introduce to you the girls behind Two meatballs get fit.  Sara and Jenny have been great friends of mine for nearly a decade! To know these two gals is to laugh harder than you ever could imagine. They bravely have been documenting their journey to achieving a healthier version of themselves for the last couple of years.

Sara and Jenny of
Sara and Jenny of

Their ability to inspire you with hard work, truth and laughter is truly addicting. Sara and Jenny redefine a sexy, confident woman. From their scantily clad weigh ins to their upsets and triumphs their blog showcases true beauty inside and out.  In a celebration of wellness, Vannity’s Alyssa Vine-Hodge will be treating Sara to a full body massage and back facial! She deserves it. We can not wait to collaborate with the amazing meatballs! Take some time and get to know the meatballs. You will not be disappointed.  Also, schedule some time with Alyssa! Your body will thank you.

Me and a meatball…. Throwback !


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