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Celebrity hair transformations 

Changing your hair color can change everything. From the way one carries themselves to how people perceive them.  For celebrities it can also make or break their career. Check out some epic celebrity color make overs and let us know what you think. 


Julia Roberts

  Honestly, I think she looks amazing either color. She is currently rocking the blonde but I still think of her as an iconic red head.
Jessica Biel

She is impossibly beautiful…… But dark wins!

Zoey Deschanel

Hands down dark!  


Tough one…… I’m going with blonde.


Lucielle Ball

Marilyn Monroe



Christina Hendricks

red…….she looks like a different person blonde.  
Emma Stone



Cameron Diaz

Linda Evangilista

Supermodels are immune….tie!



I think both colors are too much! Lose lose.  
Khloe Kardashian




Kim Kardashian


Schedule your color transformation today!


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