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Vannity was treated with a very special guest!

Sara and Alyssa

Vannity was proud to welcome Sara Beard, co-founder of Two Meatballs Get Fit, on Friday! Sara has shared her wellness journey with hundreds of people over the last couple of years via her blog. The meatballs have been an inspiration to so many navigating through lifestyle changes in effort to achieve a healthy self.


Vannity thought she deserved a little pampering from Alyssa Vine-Hodge to show she is appreciated! On Friday, Sara and Alyssa hooked up for a bit of relaxation.


Sara was treated to a “Breath With Ease” massage special. Alyssa also added in a peppermint exfoliation for her feet to the service. This soothing and refreshing sixty minute full body massage incorporates an aromatherapy blend of peppermint & eucalyptus. For added relaxation, special attention is given to the feet in this massage with steam towels and reflexology to open up the sinuses. Scheduling is available Monday through Saturday. The sixty minute service is priced at $80.

Look how relaxed Sara is!


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