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2016 Vannity Wellness Funfacts

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Are you ready? This year, I’m going to make it my mission to find out EVERY bit of information about the positive wellness habits of our Vannity team and pass them along to you for inspiration and/or just a good laugh.

For example, ever caught Jamie Bowles busting out a set of squats at work? How many times a day do our stylists run up and down those stairs? Ever seen someone getting their nails done and wondered just what is in that daily “green drink” Dawn West always has? What tips can our cross-fitter, Michele Cochrane, give us to help us attain those sexy flat abs? This and much much more is to come!

We would love to hear YOUR wellness secrets too. Wellness isn’t just about spending an hour at the gym. It’s about sucking the sweet nectar out of life, seizing little moments throughout the day to take a deep breath, share a laugh, stretch out a kink, and just revel in the joy of being you.

Let’s do this wellness thing,


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