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My inner struggle with Blac Chyna

Other than the fact that I honestly do not have a clue what Blac Chyna does for a living, Wikipedia lists her career as a video vixen, I honestly can not tell if she is fabulous. I know I can not stop looking at her. I go back and forth between “damn girl “and she looks like Madam Tussauds version of Nicki Minaj. 

At one point she was even Amanda Bynes muse for one of her epic melt down looks. Also unsure if this is amazing or creepy? 


Her body is incredibly plastic and does not exist in nature….yet I am oddly fascinated!

Chyna also appears to bath in preservatives. Her shelf life could rival a Twinkie. Again horrified yet impressed. 


Her waist to bum ratio is also oddly captivating. 
Also throwing me for a loop is her constant attempt to keep up with Kardashians. Currently linked to Rob Kardashian, she is also baby mama to Tyga’s kid.  Tyga dates Kylie Jenner. Kylie is Rob’s sister. 


She is also close friends with Amber Rose who dated Kanye.


This leads me to my next question… Is it awesome that there is a world in which the above mentioned swarm around each other or incredibly disturbing?  Any thoughts?

One thought on “My inner struggle with Blac Chyna

  1. Birds… And by bird I mean chicken heads flock together which I believe explains the circle of frenemies aka the Kardashians .. But can we also talk about the fact her forehead to face Ratio is just a wide as the ass to waist so is she just a blow up doll?


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