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Alyssa’s Tips for Anxiety Relief

Well, of course, I love to give and receive massages to help with anxiety relief. I’m a massage therapist! But, I thought I’d share some of the things I do at home that really help me:

1: Hug a pillow at night. My hubby and my dog don’t like to be held all night. So I make due with a pillow. It never squirms away or complains that it’s too hot!

2: Do a 25 minute morning yoga routine on NetFit. It’s free and you can do it at home!

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3. Wear compression athletic shirts. The first time I put on a a compression shirt, I felt immediate relief from my anxiety. It was like wearing a hug! Rather than wear it to exercise, I wear it to sleep in when my anxiety is bad. I’m also a fan of the weighted athletic vest for taking a walk in, or doing chores around the house. Why not burn calories and give yourself a hug at the same time? Would love to hear your comments on habits that help you combat anxiety.


One thought on “Alyssa’s Tips for Anxiety Relief

  1. Yes I agree with compression garment. It really helps in maintaining comfort while having a workout or exercising. I am runner and when I started wearing compression pants, I can say, there is really such a big difference if you are not wearing compression.


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