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Benefits of Regular Massage

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One of my regular monthly massage clients who was in for a session the other day, encouraged me to use her quote in a blog post. In keeping with confidentiality, I’ll just say, “Thanks client, you know who you are!” Here’s what she had to say about her massage session and her choice to commit to self-care by scheduling a monthly massage:

“I think with massage, people have to get to the point where you just make the decision to take care of yourself in this way. And sometimes you ask yourself, should I be doing this? Is it the right choice for me financially? And the answer is YES! Always, it’s YES! Because I just remember that even though it feels like a financial stretch, I’m saving myself in the long run with doctor’s visits. I feel so much healthier when I get a massage. And your massage technique is just the right combination of relaxation and working out the kinks. You really have a gift.”

The benefits that she feels from a session, I get to see with my eyes and feel with my hands. That’s what I love about massage. Each “body” is a new lump of clay, so to speak. Massage is a healing art. I get to participate in the beautiful re-shaping of that clay. I get to see muscle tissue smooth out as the kinks melt away. And what are the those kinks and knots? A lot of people ask me that. “Constricted muscle tissue from stress, repetitive motion, and poor postural habits”, is the boring answer. But here’s the more magical answer: “Those lumps and kinks are every negative word you’ve let penetrate your spirit. Whatever angers you. Every disappointment, every sorrow, every fear that you knowingly and unknowingly carry.” And when I feel that melting away beneath my fingertips, I am so grateful that the art of massage is my gift. And I can say, I truly do love my clients!

Alyssa Vine-Hodge

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