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Oscar After Party Style

The after parties for the Oscars is a great time for an outfit change or a great place for those who were not in attendance to grace the masses with a gorgeous gown. 

I love both of Jennifer Lawrence’s dresses. Given her reputation for wardrobe malfunctions her Oscar dress was a great choice. She didn’t need a crop top falling down on live television.  
She snagged an Oscar which will be a moment suspended in time. Thank goodness she wore the blue to the actual event!  

Both of these looks are swoon worthy. But Rachel most people sit down for the majority of the show and silk wrinkles. Maybe a flip flop would have been wise. 


I literally just can’t. We get it your sexy…. But were the after parties in South Beach??? 

She is expecting. But if anyone could have pulled off sexy it would have been this girl. Both are blah.     

I am a sucker for a sequined wrap dress so I think she should have eliminated the yellow all together. 

The second choice suited her better. The Oscar dress seems a bit David’s Bridal.


And then there were these….. All only after party dresses and honestly some of the best of the evening.  


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