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Italian Smoothing Treatment…. Give your hair the best chance for summer!

Here at Vannity Salon, we are proud to be part of an elite network of salons that are able to offer the Italian smoothing treatment. Unlike other hair straighteners this is a completely customizable smoothing process. Framesi has been able to create a product that can be tailored to fit each individual’s needs. Gone are the days that you have to lose your curl to have frizz free hair. The Italian smoothing treatment can be mixed to get the exact desired wave pattern while still providing more manageable smooth and healthy hair. This product can also eliminate your curls completely and leaves the hair healthier in the process.  Unlike keratin treatments, the Italian smoothing process restructures the hair versus just coating the hair itself resulting in more longevity.  It is formaldehyde free and fills the hair with silk proteins to keep the hair and guest in optimal health.  The process can be completed in as little as an hour. Schedule a complimentary consultation to have your best hair ever!

Check out a couple of our guests results! 


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