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Essential Oils 101

Hey guys! My name is Tina Traynor. I am the owner of a local business called Garden Oils (you can find me on Facebook: and I have an educational background in psychology and mental health. First, let me say that I am so excited to be able to share some oil love with you all! Alyssa is amazing and she has been a friend of mine since I was about 8 years old. I am so excited that our passions connect – her passion for massage and body healing and my passion for essential oils and natural remedies. It is amazing to work with her!

Essential oils have changed my life. Not only do I feel confident that there is truly “an oil for that!”, but I have tested and tried them for a million different issues that have come up, including a brown recluse spider bite, coughs/colds, pulled muscles, headaches, and for getting good sleep to name a few. I have continually been amazed at their effectiveness AND I haven’t had to buy OTC meds for 2 years!! I have also not had to take myself or my kids for a doctor’s appointment ….except for wellness visits and once for a smashed baby nail…ugh. So not only am I more confident that I will have a solution already in my home when something arises, but we are saving on meds and on co-pays! Win-win!

Honestly, after I bought my first essential oil kit, they sat on my shelf for about 3 months because A) I didn’t know how to use them and B) I was still a little skeptical about what I was putting on me and the kid’s bodies. Once I started using them, I would literally get excited when something would come up so I could try an oil on it! Splinter! No problem, I have lavender!! Constipation? No problem I have a mix with fennel, tarragon, and ginger. Headache? No problem, I have peppermint and lemon!

I will be teaching a Saturday essential oils class at Vannity Salon in May. If you have specific questions or things you would like to learn, please feel free to contact Alyssa or myself so we can gear the class towards your interests. In the meantime, stay tuned for blog posts in the month of April which will highlight more information about the benefits of using essential oils.

Questions we will be addressing are: How do the oils work and what should I start with? What about allergic reactions? What is a carrier oil? And how do I apply the oil to my skin? For people who cannot attend the May class, information will be available on the blog. Happy Springtime and be healthy!

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