I can not believe someone wrote this!

One of my best gal pals recently shared this article with me. You just have to read it to believe it. Honestly it is so bad that I was hoping it was a big joke. Ugh.  Click the link below… Update… The link has been taken down… Lol!   

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What’s your patriotic style?

In honor of the upcoming holiday I have collected images meant to inspire your Fourth of July look. The USA is made up of many types of people and that makes our country so great. So I am not here to judge… Just enjoy. One last thing…..can we please start putting the A back on… Continue reading What’s your patriotic style?

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Check out these celebs…. V Mix style

For those who know me, you are aware of my obsession with a glossy fashion magazine. V magazine is by far one of my favorites! Not only is it super glossy… This American fashion publication always puts a twist on what is happening in the beauty culture. V’s covers are to die for… One reason… Continue reading Check out these celebs…. V Mix style

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Travis Vann Travels to Laguna Beach….

   Travis was in Laguna Beach this past weekend to grace California with his hair genius. He taught the Framesi Spring/Summer hair fashion collection. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, the Vannity team does not have to fly to the west coast for Mr Vann’s knowledge!       

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Let Vannity Be Your Blow Dry Headquarters. 

   In theory we think blow drying our own hair should be like the above…. Sometimes it feels more like the below picture!    Choose Vannity as your neighborhood blow out spot…. Our fabulous team knows your hair history, combine that with top notch products, and presto…. a beautiful blow out!  Vannity understands your individuality… Continue reading Let Vannity Be Your Blow Dry Headquarters.