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Why I want to bathe in Botox….

I have a few years left of my 30’s which should seem like I am still in my youth…. Wrong!!
Granted, I have experienced an extra dose of stress this last year between a second baby and the adjustments and lack of sleep that go along with that….. But time and life has run a muck across my face. I started obsessing about the line, marks and creases and couldn’t help but wonder when did this happen? In a world with so many fountain of youth options and so many having access to them it is really hard to feel good in my own shabby skin.  
Being a mom of two that lives on a budget it is hard to justify the cost of Botox and fillers so the following pictures are helping me plead my case… 
The following ladies are within about five years of me… Look at that youthful glow! Not a crease in sight.

Then me… 


Those who know me know I do not live a perfectly clean lifestyle but seriously if the next two can have perfect skin…. Anyone can! I mean they started cocaine when I was still playing with Barbies.


For the love of God…even Jimmy has no movement. It is everywhere I look!


I mean I am not greedy… I do not want this much….


But when a women is 30 years older and looks like this it does make me ponder maxing out my credit cards…..



So in conclusion, I am extremely vain. I guess I’ll start saving my change in my quarter size pores. Xoxo 

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