Valley of the Dolls

Jeremy Scott created living paper dolls for the Moschino Spring 2017 show. Inspired by Valley of the Dolls,the invitations were actual pill bottles prescribed by Dr. Moschino. ( dolls in the novel is used as another word for pills) The model’s hair were styled as a 1960’s Barbie doll and the accessories looked as if… Continue reading Valley of the Dolls

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The W shoot that started it all…

So Angelina and Brad are getting a divorce…. It got me thinking about how much I enjoyed the W spread that marked their beginning. Shortly after Brad seperated from Jennifer Anniston, Steven Klein shot this gorgeous Domestic Bliss layout. Jennifer was later quoted stating Brad was missing a sensitivity chip. Regardless it is memorizing. 

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High Fashion Halloween

By six am this morning my five year old was reminding me we need to make a Beyonce costume for her Halloween party. She wants this….. Baseball bat and all! This got me thinking, it is time for some inspiration if we are going to have time to make our own glamorous costumes this year! … Continue reading High Fashion Halloween