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Hair stylist secret weapon now available for teeth?

Hair stylists have been using the power of purple to counteract unwanted yellow tones in hair for decades. Now a toothpaste is claiming it can do the same and transform your teeth into pearly whites. Pop white smile toothpaste is like a toner for your grill.   Check it out! 

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Hair power!

Although hair and fashion are linked, hairstyling is often viewed as a vague afterthought in the world of fashion. Hairstyling is a difficult discipline,  an art form and a design process.  Hair does not have the permanence of most art which causes it to be ignored.  Hairdressing is actually pretty amazing as it mimics the… Continue reading Hair power!

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Common Hair color question answered!

 How important is it that my hair be unwashed before dyeing it?  Having unwashed hair before a color treatment isn’t always necessary.  If you are doing a full lightener on the scalp as the oils will protect your scalp and cause less irritation or tingle …..unwashed hair is a good thing.  Normally,  hair should be… Continue reading Common Hair color question answered!

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2017 Biggest Hair Color Trend!

2017’s biggest hair color trends are already clear — and not at all what we expected. Blame America’s latest obsession with the Danish concept of hygge, because this year is all about warmth and comfort, with soft coppers, rich browns, buttery blonds, and creamy oranges poised to take the hair world by storm. Out with… Continue reading 2017 Biggest Hair Color Trend!

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It can easy be green….

In honor of Saint Patrick’s day I thought it would be fun to celebrate the color green.  Green may not be your first choice for haircolor but after seeing some of these photos you may be singing a different tune. There is such a wide spectrum to the range of green you could choose. Everything… Continue reading It can easy be green….

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If you blow dry your hair you need this……

Every so often a revolutionary hair care product comes along and is life changing. My current favorite product is Framesi Flash Dry. This product will literally cut your drying time in half. Not only will it save you time but it delivers a gorgeous blow out! This is what Framesi has to say…. Go in… Continue reading If you blow dry your hair you need this……