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Hair power!

Although hair and fashion are linked, hairstyling is often viewed as a vague afterthought in the world of fashion. Hairstyling is a difficult discipline,  an art form and a design process.  Hair does not have the permanence of most art which causes it to be ignored.  Hairdressing is actually pretty amazing as it mimics the current cultural landscape in which it exists.

Hair represents the economic, political and cultural contexts which makes it an ever changing art. Every group of people has hairstyles unique to them.  From a powdered wig to the Rachel shag every hairstyle tells a story.

Beauty shop culture in its own could be a separate blog. It’s a gathering place and for some women and it was an act of female emancipation for others . It’s an account of a woman’s ever changing role in history. 

Hair is amazing. We are one of the only species with continual hair growth. It can identify our race and genetic make up. Everyone has a hair story.  Ultimately our hair represents our self image.

So never underestimate the importance of your hair….or your hair dresser! 

So if you love your stylist make sure to refer a friend to someone who cares as much as you do! 


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