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Framesi Smoothing System just in time for summer!

Move over Brazilian Blowout there is a new game in town.  After Brazilian Blowouts were banned in Europe we knew it would only be a matter of time before Framesi launched a better alternative. To be fair I loved Brazilians. Many of my clients have them. I am thrilled that I can now give my clients better results and a safer option.

  Whether you want to drop out curl, fight frizz or need a more luxurious mane; this Smoothing system has you covered.  Like the Brazilian there is zero downtime which means you can wash your hair immediately. Unlike Brazilian blowouts this formaldehyde free formula offers customizable options to obtain a result specific for your needs.  Do you want to keep your curl but just eliminate frizz? Would you like smoother and straighter locks with an easier blow out? Is the integrity of your hair compromised and you need to add some love and life back into those strands? Whatever your need is Framesi’s Smoothing System can deliver! 

Honestly, the results have been amazing. Fine hair is plumper. Thick hair is tamed. Frizz gone! Shine for days.  Finally a Smoothing System that does not compromise volume! Give your hair some love this summer! Schedule your personalized treatment today! 

* This service is exclusive to Framesi salons.

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