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Italian Hair Style Fall/Winter 2017 Class at Vannity

Vannity was graced with hair legend Xena Parsons on Monday for some amazing education! The focus of our class was the Italian Hair Style Fall/Winter 2017


The great thing about Framesi education is that while the focus is hair, the collection is inspired by the upcoming fashion forecast as a whole. The collection is a fresh take on classic cuts and color that allow the new fashion trends to play off the hair. For example, we are seeing that everything is about the shoulder in fashion this upcoming season. Big shoulders, embellished shoulders and ruffled shoulders….

To allow for our guests to indulge in these looks we learned amazing techniques to create open spaces in the hair that accents the clothing. These techniques can be tailored to each client’s comfort level to create a fresh finish moving into the next season. It’s all about customizing the hair. We learned some fabulous color techniques that can enhance your unique wave pattern or cutting tweaks that can provide you with a whole new texture. Thank you Xena!

Check out some of the looks we mastered!

Here’s the team having a blast!

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