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Post baby hair blues!

Recently, I have had several clients come in frustrated with post baby hair. In some cases the change in hair texture, pattern and density can take up to a year after giving birth to turn a women’s world upside down. Honestly having a new addition is tricky enough without unruly hair! Here are some solutions for new mothers struggling with these hair woes!

Feeling bald….

It is normal to feel like you are shedding unusual amounts of hair after giving birth. During most pregnancies women do not shed which is why we get that thick lovely hair for nine months. So first take a deep breath… in most cases you will only shed enough to get back to your normal density. In some cases, such as my own, recession areas can get bald spots. Fortunately we have got you covered!

Framesi has an entire treatment line to boost that new growth and cover those bald spots in no time! I was skeptical but it worked brilliantly for me! It’s a three step system… shampoo, conditioner and daily drops. Even better it is super affordable!


Post baby hair can get a bit weak and add on top of that a constant pony tail and voila! Breakage!

A good hair cut, a deep conditioning treatment and a few well placed hair extensions can get you feeling like you again.

Exclusive to Vannity, we offer a one of a kind plumping treatment. This restructuring process uses collagen to create fuller and thicker hair. It also makes your hair healthier, shinier and more manageable. Once again… very affordable especially when tacked on to an existing service!

New growth sticking straight up from your head?

After losing your hair it will start to grow in with a mind of its own. When this hair is not long enough to arc and blend with the rest of your hair it can stick straight up in the air! Good times!! A tailored color service can help soften those hairs and make for a bit of camouflage as they get longer. Even if you don’t usually color we can personalize a color service for you so you will have zero upkeep!

New curl pattern?

A lot of new mothers curl pattern changes after giving birth. This can be super frustrating if you have never dealt with curl or wave. Even more frustrating when part of your hair is wild curls and the rest is straight. Vannity recommends an Italian Smoothing Treatment. The results lasts months and because it’s not a permanent chemical hair process your hair will feel amazing! Another benefit is that your styling time is reduced to minutes!!

Ask your stylist at your next visit or set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your options! Remember you may need to re-evaluate your styling tools and products for your new locks. Sometimes it’s as easy as that!

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