Dear Vannity friends,

Most of you know that Governor Cooper has enacted an Executive Order 120 which has temporarily closed hair salons.

In an attempt to put your mind at ease, we would like to address some of your questions.

First know that this is temporary and we will all have quarantine hair together!

Can you come to my home to do my hair?

No, we can not.  Not only is this a direct violation of the order, but we at Vannity put the health of our clients and our staff as a top priority.

By not limiting exposure, we could potentially cause the shut down of our industry to be extended – which is a bad situation for all of us.  

What happens to a hairstylist caught doing mobile hair?

Stylists will be charged with a Class 2 Misdemeanor for ignoring the order and face monetary penalties.  Civil action could then be brought against us by the N.C. Board of cosmetology which could result in additional fines and possible license suspension. 

Will Vannity be offering at home hair color kits?

No. Our clients health is our top priority, not to mention the integrity of your hair. We are licensed professionals with an education and years behind the chair to know how to use these CHEMICALS correctly.  There is a reason it says professional use only.  

Please remember this is temporary.  Your scalp,hair,eyes and shower will thank you for being patient. 

At Vannity Salon, we are committed to your hair which is why we complete a one on one consultation before every service.  Your hair formula varies from visit to visit based on several factors. We do not necessarily reuse the same formula every time, so providing you with your last one may result in a costly color correction.

When we looked into providing this potential service,  we have been advised by the NC State Board of Cosmetology to contact a lawyer before providing at home kits to see what we are liable for.  Best case scenario you mess up your hair or stain your bathtub…. worst case you get in your eyes and suffer vision loss.  Vannity is not willing to put you or us at risk. 

Also know if you overlap your color it can cause odd pigmentation and possible breakage.  I’m a trained stylist and can not do my own color application well.  

We will be here for you on the other side. In the mean time we will provide you with less risky hacks for such a unique time.  

As more information comes in and we get closer to opening we will reach out to each and everyone of you.   

We appreciate your support during this next month!

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