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Summer Holmes

What is your role at the salon? Stylist What sets Vannity Apart? All the stylists work together and train together to keep up on most recent trends and techniques. Do you specialize in anything? Color and Updos…. I love getting creative with both. I prefer to have a complimentary consultation first so I have enough… Continue reading Summer Holmes

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Amanda Pokrzywa

What is your role at the salon? Even though Travis told me I am Creative Director, I like to think of myself as more a Motivational Stylist. Other than behind the chair, I take a heavy role in the in-salon education. I feel like an educated stylist is a confident stylist. When I did more… Continue reading Amanda Pokrzywa

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Alyssa Vine-Hodge Massage Therapist/Wellness Writer

Alyssa Vine-Hodge – Massage Therapist Alyssa Vine-Hodge greatly enjoys helping clients escape the stresses of life through her work as a massage therapist. Relaxation is her passion. If you are a woman with stress, muscular tension, or you just need a little break from the tasks of daily life, Alyssa is ready to wisk you… Continue reading Alyssa Vine-Hodge Massage Therapist/Wellness Writer

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Nichole LuMaye – Stylist/Blogger

Nichole LuMaye – Master Stylist   I love all things beautiful and unique. My philosophy is that a woman’s beauty lives in her individuality. My actual love of hair and fashion started with paper dolls and has evolved into an amazing career. I originally started going to school for art and design and then realized… Continue reading Nichole LuMaye – Stylist/Blogger

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Travis Vann – Salon Owner/Stylist

Travis Vann – Master Stylist Vannity Salon’s owner, Travis Vann, is an accomplished stylist who ensures excellence with every salon experience. Travis is an expert colorist who has worked for Framesi since 2004. After six years, his meticulous eye and exceptional skill earned him a coveted spot on Framesi’s Italian Style Team. Most recently, Travis… Continue reading Travis Vann – Salon Owner/Stylist