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Broken fingers lead to binge watching this new gem….

For last couple of weeks I was laid up and decided to indulge in some Amazon Prime. Good Girls Revolt is an original series that almost seems to start where Mad Men left off. Taking place at a news magazine at the start of the seventies, it showcases powerful women fighting the system. Women were… Continue reading Broken fingers lead to binge watching this new gem….

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Vannity Salon’s Halloween Contest! 

Our Vannity clients always have such great style and creativity. We can’t think of any better way to celebrate that than to have a Halloween costume contest! We would love to see how inventive you guys get for your Halloween looks this year. Post a photo of your best Halloween look to Instagram and tag… Continue reading Vannity Salon’s Halloween Contest! 

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Halloween inspiration… For the birds.

Animals are a great source of inspiration for a costume. If it’s a high fashion animal you want, a bird is an amazing choice. The key is to not be to literal but to let your wardrobe and the combination of hair and make up create a whimsical take on our feathered friends. We can… Continue reading Halloween inspiration… For the birds.

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The W shoot that started it all…

So Angelina and Brad are getting a divorce…. It got me thinking about how much I enjoyed the W spread that marked their beginning. Shortly after Brad seperated from Jennifer Anniston, Steven Klein shot this gorgeous Domestic Bliss layout. Jennifer was later quoted stating Brad was missing a sensitivity chip. Regardless it is memorizing. 

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High Fashion Halloween

By six am this morning my five year old was reminding me we need to make a Beyonce costume for her Halloween party. She wants this….. Baseball bat and all! This got me thinking, it is time for some inspiration if we are going to have time to make our own glamorous costumes this year! … Continue reading High Fashion Halloween

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Kerry Washington slayed Emmy Fashion!

I just can not even get over how amazing and gorgeous Kerry Washington looked at the 2016 Emmy Awards! Some of my other favorites are the following….but I’m going to let my 5 year old be the critic! “fashionista…. I would totally wear that!” “That’s some pattern alright!” ” I have no words…. So pretty”… Continue reading Kerry Washington slayed Emmy Fashion!

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Beauty Trends… Fall Couture Style.

From high fashion frizz to a macaroni art hair piece….the fall couture shows were an exciting glance at beauty trends.  Fendi took us through a mid summer night dream with storybook curls and fur hair ribbons!     Versace is making me want to rock this glittery red lip.     Chanel channels Marge Simpson in the… Continue reading Beauty Trends… Fall Couture Style.

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Check out these celebs…. V Mix style

For those who know me, you are aware of my obsession with a glossy fashion magazine. V magazine is by far one of my favorites! Not only is it super glossy… This American fashion publication always puts a twist on what is happening in the beauty culture. V’s covers are to die for… One reason… Continue reading Check out these celebs…. V Mix style