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Post baby hair blues!

Recently, I have had several clients come in frustrated with post baby hair. In some cases the change in hair texture, pattern and density can take up to a year after giving birth to turn a women’s world upside down. Honestly having a new addition is tricky enough without unruly hair! Here are some solutions… Continue reading Post baby hair blues!

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Hair stylist secret weapon now available for teeth?

Hair stylists have been using the power of purple to counteract unwanted yellow tones in hair for decades. Now a toothpaste is claiming it can do the same and transform your teeth into pearly whites. Pop white smile toothpaste is like a toner for your grill.   Check it out! 

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Save the Date: May Aromatherapy Class

If you plan on being in town this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, why not have a stay-cation at Vannity Salon? Alyssa, and her friend Tina Traynor of Garden Oils, are hosting an aromatherapy class on Saturday May 28th at 2:30pm. This class will be specifically tailored to your interests and questions. Come learn and have some… Continue reading Save the Date: May Aromatherapy Class

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Essential Oils 101

Hey guys! My name is Tina Traynor. I am the owner of a local business called Garden Oils (you can find me on Facebook: and I have an educational background in psychology and mental health. First, let me say that I am so excited to be able to share some oil love with you all!… Continue reading Essential Oils 101

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Flower Power!

AROMATHERAPY: the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, and roots, to enhance psychological and physical well-being.  I am excited to announce that our salon has an up-coming partnership with a local aromatherapy expert and personal friend of mine, Tina Traynor of Garden Oils. I have been experimenting with some of Tina’s… Continue reading Flower Power!

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Friday Fun Facts

It’s Friday! What better day to talk about bowel health, right? Most of the world has very different household set-ups than we might be accostomed to. Billions of people are getting their daily squats in as a regular part of everyday life. What’s squat? I thought that’s something you only do at the gym or… Continue reading Friday Fun Facts

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Benefits of Regular Massage

One of my regular monthly massage clients who was in for a session the other day, encouraged me to use her quote in a blog post. In keeping with confidentiality, I’ll just say, “Thanks client, you know who you are!” Here’s what she had to say about her massage session and her choice to commit… Continue reading Benefits of Regular Massage