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Are you experiencing pain?

Sometimes we don’t know where to start to break the cycle. If you are overwhelmed, pick the path of least resistance. Burdened with troubles? Talk to a friend. Feeling lethargic? Try some mood boosting music. Have nagging muscle pain? Pick up the phone and schedule that much needed massage. The smallest, positive choice will help… Continue reading Are you experiencing pain?

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Vannity was treated with a very special guest!

Vannity was proud to welcome Sara Beard, co-founder of Two Meatballs Get Fit, on Friday! Sara has shared her wellness journey with hundreds of people over the last couple of years via her blog. The meatballs have been an inspiration to so many navigating through lifestyle changes in effort to achieve a healthy self. Vannity… Continue reading Vannity was treated with a very special guest!

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Let’s Do the Spinal Twist!

A lot of clients ask me, “Do you stretch?” “What is your favorite stretch?”  By far, it’s the spinal twist! Why do I love it? It wrings out the stress and toxins, promoting space, movement, and health within the body.  Spinal twisting isn’t just one stretch.  There are many variations. So for the next several… Continue reading Let’s Do the Spinal Twist!

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Coming soon… A collaboration with Two Meatballs Get Fit!

In case you don’t already know … let me introduce to you the girls behind Two meatballs get fit.  Sara and Jenny have been great friends of mine for nearly a decade! To know these two gals is to laugh harder than you ever could imagine. They bravely have been documenting their journey to achieving… Continue reading Coming soon… A collaboration with Two Meatballs Get Fit!

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Do you know your feet?

Did you know that your feet are a map of your entire body? And additionally that your whole body can be positively impacted by therapeutic massage of the feet? The study of these reflex points (also found on the hands and ears) is known as reflexology. I had fun brushing up on some techniques, and learning new ones,… Continue reading Do you know your feet?


Weekly Wellness Word: Creating a Stress Free “To Do” List

We are approaching that time of year when the days get shorter, it seems like there is more to be done, and the holidays are around the corner…easy to get swept away into the chaos and frenzy. The above “to-do” list, is a perfect one for this time of year. Notice where “be productive” falls… Continue reading Weekly Wellness Word: Creating a Stress Free “To Do” List


Get your meditation on!

Just a little humor for today. But hopefully it serves as a reminder for us to unplug ourselves from the demands of life. Go for a walk, cook a meal you’ve been craving, escape in a book, take a nap without feeling guilty…whatever it is that will make you feel light-hearted and free, take some time for… Continue reading Get your meditation on!

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Wednesday Wellness–Stretch of the Day

Awaken your body this morning with a forward fold stretch! This total body movement stretches the hamstrings and calves, promotes spinal flexibility, aides digestion, and reduces stress. Shown below are several variations of the pose. I’ve been doing this pose for years and still have to bend my knees slightly. So don’t judge yourself! Just… Continue reading Wednesday Wellness–Stretch of the Day

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Alyssa Vine-Hodge Massage Therapist/Wellness Writer

Alyssa Vine-Hodge – Massage Therapist Alyssa Vine-Hodge greatly enjoys helping clients escape the stresses of life through her work as a massage therapist. Relaxation is her passion. If you are a woman with stress, muscular tension, or you just need a little break from the tasks of daily life, Alyssa is ready to wisk you… Continue reading Alyssa Vine-Hodge Massage Therapist/Wellness Writer