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Four Halloween Costumes in One!

Make the most out of your Halloween costume this year. With these looks you can literally be four people in one look. The best part is you will feel glamorous while doing it! Big Little Lies has become a pop culture phenomenon this year. Pull some inspiration from these beautiful characters for your very own… Continue reading Four Halloween Costumes in One!

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Halloween inspiration… For the birds.

Animals are a great source of inspiration for a costume. If it’s a high fashion animal you want, a bird is an amazing choice. The key is to not be to literal but to let your wardrobe and the combination of hair and make up create a whimsical take on our feathered friends. We can… Continue reading Halloween inspiration… For the birds.

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A Primal Halloween 

Getting back to our roots with super vintage inspired costumes….. The orginal hair and make up gurus… Our ancestors! You can pull inspiration from the world’s first fashionistas for this next Halloween idea. They were anything but primitive! We got you covered!               

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1970s Halloween 

Who does not love the 1970’s? Disco, Studio 54, glitter and slippery fabric! The hair was big and the make up was thick! Feel free to be inspired! The best part of this costume choice is it gives you an excuse to buy some of falls biggest trends! We would love to take you back… Continue reading 1970s Halloween 

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Halloween inspiration… The fairy.

The classic fairy costume is not just for little girls. These woodland creatures give us a great excuse to use glitter and all the old stuff lying around from a failed Pinterest project.  Find inspiration and add a grown up twist for this ethereal look. Supernatural is the new natural! Need help? Let us know… Continue reading Halloween inspiration… The fairy.