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Can you guess who this is??

I love a make over…. But yikes! Every person has the right to feel beautiful and I would never judge what measures one takes to get to their happy place. …. Having said that,  when someone starts off so beautiful and morphs into an I recognizable version of themselves it can be shocking. Lil Kim… Continue reading Can you guess who this is??

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Travis Vann is a true artist!

Being a full time working mom of two it is not often I get pampered. The lovely Travis Vann, who is the busiest hair stylist I know, took time out of his day to give me a glamorous make over! The following are the cut and color inspiration. This look is so on point right… Continue reading Travis Vann is a true artist!

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Ultimate Makeover Girl!

I have been doing the lovely Camren’s hair for sometime now. Camren is a Raleigh fashionista. From her hair down to her shoes she always looks like she stepped out of a glossy magazine. We changed her blonde up a bit on her last appointment by making her a bit darker. I asked if I… Continue reading Ultimate Makeover Girl!

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Celebrity hair transformations 

Changing your hair color can change everything. From the way one carries themselves to how people perceive them.  For celebrities it can also make or break their career. Check out some epic celebrity color make overs and let us know what you think.      Honestly, I think she looks amazing either color. She is… Continue reading Celebrity hair transformations