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Get in shape!

With the Holidays fast approaching we all have family get togethers and festive parties filling up our calendar. Look and feel your best with a brow shaping. Add some simple grooming to your existing appointment by giving us a call or simply asking your stylist at your appointment. It’s a quick tweak that can easily… Continue reading Get in shape!

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It can easy be green….

In honor of Saint Patrick’s day I thought it would be fun to celebrate the color green.  Green may not be your first choice for haircolor but after seeing some of these photos you may be singing a different tune. There is such a wide spectrum to the range of green you could choose. Everything… Continue reading It can easy be green….

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A history lesson in beauty marks.

I adore a beauty mark. Some of our most iconic beauty’s rock them. I did not realize the rich and interesting history behind them.  It started in Ancient Rome when clear skin was considered the end all be all. Believing that the Gods thought some people were to beautiful and placed a mole on their… Continue reading A history lesson in beauty marks.

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Mermaid Beauty

Another fun and glamorous Halloween idea is the mermaid. Indulge in the fantasy of this mythic creature.  Using eyelash glue it’s easy to add sequins and jewels directly on your body or incorporate into make up. I am not one to show to much skin so I thought this was cute and just go crazy… Continue reading Mermaid Beauty

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Vannity Salon’s Halloween Contest! 

Our Vannity clients always have such great style and creativity. We can’t think of any better way to celebrate that than to have a Halloween costume contest! We would love to see how inventive you guys get for your Halloween looks this year. Post a photo of your best Halloween look to Instagram and tag… Continue reading Vannity Salon’s Halloween Contest! 

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High Fashion Halloween

By six am this morning my five year old was reminding me we need to make a Beyonce costume for her Halloween party. She wants this….. Baseball bat and all! This got me thinking, it is time for some inspiration if we are going to have time to make our own glamorous costumes this year! … Continue reading High Fashion Halloween

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Kerry Washington slayed Emmy Fashion!

I just can not even get over how amazing and gorgeous Kerry Washington looked at the 2016 Emmy Awards! Some of my other favorites are the following….but I’m going to let my 5 year old be the critic! “fashionista…. I would totally wear that!” “That’s some pattern alright!” ” I have no words…. So pretty”… Continue reading Kerry Washington slayed Emmy Fashion!