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Keep warm with Travis this fall!

It may be getting cold outside but Travis is heating things up with these lovely warmed hued inspired colors! Autumn is a wonderful time to add some golds, coppers, and reds to richen your hair’s color palette. Check out some of Travis’s amazing work….. be prepared to FALL in love!

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Travis Vann Travels to Laguna Beach….

   Travis was in Laguna Beach this past weekend to grace California with his hair genius. He taught the Framesi Spring/Summer hair fashion collection. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, the Vannity team does not have to fly to the west coast for Mr Vann’s knowledge!       

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Let Vannity Be Your Blow Dry Headquarters. 

   In theory we think blow drying our own hair should be like the above…. Sometimes it feels more like the below picture!    Choose Vannity as your neighborhood blow out spot…. Our fabulous team knows your hair history, combine that with top notch products, and presto…. a beautiful blow out!  Vannity understands your individuality… Continue reading Let Vannity Be Your Blow Dry Headquarters. 

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Glitter beards…and a not so subtle challenge for Travis Vann!

I was made aware of the glitter beard phenomenon when a client suggested our very own Travis Vann give it a go. As he is literally one of the most beautiful people you will ever see in real life it would obviously look amazing! Check out some of these awesome glitter beards and in the… Continue reading Glitter beards…and a not so subtle challenge for Travis Vann!

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Vannity will be unveiling our own collection!

Like fashion houses, companies like Framesi publish  hair collections for  the upcoming seasons. Trends are researched based on what is happening in the world of glamour and then proposals are built from the ground up featuring cut and color tutorials for other stylists. Travis is often involved in this for the global Framesi brand and… Continue reading Vannity will be unveiling our own collection!

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Framesi Education Conference

Vannity’s commander and chief, Travis Vann, traveled to Orlando this month to headline the Taming of the Do hair conference.  This unique hair show was education based and played out on a major stage.  Travis is a member of the elite North American Framesi design team. He and his colleague, Xena Parsons, were chosen as… Continue reading Framesi Education Conference

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Travis Vann – Salon Owner/Stylist

Travis Vann – Master Stylist Vannity Salon’s owner, Travis Vann, is an accomplished stylist who ensures excellence with every salon experience. Travis is an expert colorist who has worked for Framesi since 2004. After six years, his meticulous eye and exceptional skill earned him a coveted spot on Framesi’s Italian Style Team. Most recently, Travis… Continue reading Travis Vann – Salon Owner/Stylist