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Russian Fashion Royalty…. Enter the Red Queen

Trapped indoors in the middle of an ice storm, I couldn’t help but wonder what high fashion looks like in some of the coldest places on the planet. So I quickly googled Moscow street style… One name repeatedly was displayed…..Uylana Sergeenko. I immediately became obsessed with this women.  I’ve seen so many women  try and fail to put their own spin on fashion, but this woman  nails it! I can honestly say her style is almost like a signature, unique and unable to be pulled off by anyone else. After reading every article I could get my hands on I fell more in love. Born into nothing she meets a billionaire, dresses amazing and then designs her own line.  One of my favorite lines to describe Uylana was from a Harpers Bazaar article…. ” Russian couture shopper turned designer…”  Charmed life! 

Feel free to be inspired! 


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