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Get Khloe’s curls

   On damp hair apply a mousse for moisture, thickness and volume.    Next, spray mid lengths to ends with a rich leave in conditioner.    Diffuse to create texture and volume. Once dry use a wand or small iron and curl in different directions. Last, apply a texturizing holding spray to add the wow… Continue reading Get Khloe’s curls

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Gucci gets goofy 

   Gucci’s spring/summer 2016 collection has a sense of humor. Not just because the clothes look cartoonish in an over the top take on resort wear…. Not just because the models look like they are playing dress up in technicolor closet of fashion’s past…. But because of the fact that some people are this rich!… Continue reading Gucci gets goofy 

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My inner struggle with Blac Chyna

Other than the fact that I honestly do not have a clue what Blac Chyna does for a living, Wikipedia lists her career as a video vixen, I honestly can not tell if she is fabulous. I know I can not stop looking at her. I go back and forth between “damn girl “and she… Continue reading My inner struggle with Blac Chyna


A Word On Wellness-Let’s Live, Not Cope!

As a massage therapist who has worked in the wellness industry for years, I’m familiar with a lot of the relaxation verbiage.  Terms like “de-stress” and “unwind” assume the perspective that the world is a stressful place and that we must seek ways to cope with it. While that is all very true, I don’t… Continue reading A Word On Wellness-Let’s Live, Not Cope!

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Global Street Style 

In her new book, Fashion Tribes, Daniele Tamagni is showcasing lesser known global fashion. Her photography takes us to places like Bolivia, Cuba, Burma, and Senegal. It’s so cool to street style from places not often associated with fashion. Among the highlights is a photograph of two female wrestlers in Bolivia and a photo of… Continue reading Global Street Style 

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I could have been a track star if only I had this hair…

  If you look good then you feel good! These women are proof that by putting your best self and best hair forward sky’s the limit! I almost want to start working out just to show up with my hair this perfect!  Kitchen chores sure seem less daunting when your hair is this flammable.    … Continue reading I could have been a track star if only I had this hair…

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Russian Fashion Royalty…. Enter the Red Queen

   Trapped indoors in the middle of an ice storm, I couldn’t help but wonder what high fashion looks like in some of the coldest places on the planet. So I quickly googled Moscow street style… One name repeatedly was displayed…..Uylana Sergeenko. I immediately became obsessed with this women.  I’ve seen so many women  try… Continue reading Russian Fashion Royalty…. Enter the Red Queen