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A history lesson in beauty marks.

I adore a beauty mark. Some of our most iconic beauty’s rock them. I did not realize the rich and interesting history behind them.  It started in Ancient Rome when clear skin was considered the end all be all. Believing that the Gods thought some people were to beautiful and placed a mole on their… Continue reading A history lesson in beauty marks.

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Man crush style.

Ali Boulala is a Swedish born professional skateboarder. I would normally have no idea who he is but his swagger and style caught my eye as my boyfriend was watching his documentary. Unfortunately, a horrible motorcycle accident left him unable to skate again but that has not stopped his fashionable tendencies. Check him out…. especially… Continue reading Man crush style.

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Khloe and the 90’s

Fashion recycles itself and Khloe Kardashian is bringing back some 90’s hair like no other! Check out some of the decades most iconic looks remixed! The Waterfall. Cornrows. Faux animal ear buns. The porcupine. Top knots. Tendrils galore! I hope you enjoyed some of these throwbacks. Post your throwbacks on Instagram #vannitythrowback2016 for a chance… Continue reading Khloe and the 90’s