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Vannity has our curly girls covered!

At Vannity, we love our curly girls! They are blessed with gorgeous hair but we all know having the right products can make or break that mane!

Starting with a rich hydrating shampoo is key…


This simple step can prevent this…

Next add a lovely leave in…. One of our favorites…


Then add a styling product… 


Now less is more when it comes to touching and styling…. Look what we have created!


We have got day two and three covered as well…



Shimmer Shine has a gold shimmer,baobab oil, which is a non-greasy oil that is chock full of vitamin E.  It penetrates the hair really well to provide hydration. Great to use it on non-wash days because it gives hair a nice sheen but doesn’t weigh it down. This can be used on wet or dry hair.

Pop on it or scoop some up at your next visit.

Or schedule a styling lesson!

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