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2017 Trend Hunting with the Bible of Fashion 

First of all Happy New Year! It’s that time where everything last year seems tired and we are left longing for anything fresh and different. My go to for inspiration is Vogue! Not just American Vogue but all of them. I have gathered some covers from January 2017 from all over the globe to kick our inspiration into gear! 

Russian Vogue. Bold, bright, clean…..

Vogue Brazil. Bold color appears to be a trend here as well. Also seeing simple hair and make up. Although, the wet look with hair looks simple but it’s actually not as easy to style.

Russian Vogue. They had two covers. I love when magazines do this. More pink… just softer. This look is a very vintage version of a classic lady.

Vogue Netherlands. Again, simple hair and face but bold color and patterns.

Vogue Japan. Classic blow out, smoky eye and I think they say it best with over the top patterns!

Vogue Spain. Clean and fresh.

German Vogue. My favorite. Romantic curls, metallic eyes, ornate jewelry paired with a neutral and masculine blazer. 

American Vogue. Clean hair and face. Nothing over the top but the print. 

British Vogue. Again clean face and classic hair. Clothing full of embellishments.

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