Weekly Wellness Word: Creating a Stress Free “To Do” List

Image result for how to have a beautiful soul

We are approaching that time of year when the days get shorter, it seems like there is more to be done, and the holidays are around the corner…easy to get swept away into the chaos and frenzy. The above “to-do” list, is a perfect one for this time of year.

Notice where “be productive” falls on the list. It is merely a component, appearing to fall naturally and on an equal plane with everything else. Typically, our lists focus solely on that one aspect of life. After all, there are so many things to get done in a day, right? Part of living mindfully, is integrating kindness, calmness, and gratitude, into the mundane tasks of everyday life. Have laundry to do? Try counting your blessing as you fold. Packing your kid’s lunch before you all have to rush out the door? Pay attention to your breathing as you slather that peanut butter and jelly! No time will be lost, trust me! And with practice, comes contentment and a more joyful life.



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