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Weekly beauty news from around the web…

By day she is a master stylist and by night she is a news sleuth! Vannity’s Amanda Pokrzywa scours the web for the latest news in the world of beauty! Check out her hilighted links.

First up…. I hope your Halloween make up is not coming from China! This will certainly scare you! Amanda enjoys doing that by the way.

Next… Models wearing models? We actually joked that mom’s started this human fashion accessory as we have children draped over us at all times. I can only imagine the conversation…”I am doing what now?”

Last… She is so on trend with this one.  Korean skin products are taking over! Korean women are known for a flawless face but are you willing to put in the hour a day and up to 40 steps these gals do? And they use what slimy creature? Check out the link!

Thanks Amanda you never disappoint!

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